Elliphant feat. Twin Shadow – Where is home (new video)

Swedish singer, songwriter and rapper Elliphant has released a new song titled “Where is home” which features indie-rock auteur George Lewis Jr., aka Twin Shadow.

elliphantThe collaboration is came about while Elliphant was traveling and recording her “Living life golden” EP.
The result is a blissful exploration of the idea of “home,” sort of what we imagine Elliphant’s own soul searching looks and sounds like. “I went to Islamabad for a Mad Decent show together with Diplo. He’s a busy guy and had to leave after the show, but I decided to stay and feel the Pakistan vibes with some friends over there,” Elliphant said of the song’s backdrop. “Aisha

[the video’s director] mentioned that her friend just got this baby lamb, and I just saw it!”
“The picture was clear in my head: just me actually being a real shepherd,” she continued. “Walking animals for the first time in my life, just to film that in its simplicity. So, here in black-and-white slow-motion, I am really struggling. I feel very real in it.”

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