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Psy to release new album in December

South Korean singer Psy is set to release his first album for more than three years, with the "Gangnam style" star vowing a return "to his roots", his agency said Tuesday. The quirky singer/rapper was catapulted to global stardom in 2012 after his "Gangnam style" music video, with its invisible horse-riding dance, went viral. [...]

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K-pop corner >>> Monsta X – Hero

Monsta X is a South Korean hip hop boy group. Following up to their music video “Rush” being released last month, Monsta X has now revealed a special music video for their song "Hero". Recorded on a rooftop, the boys showcase their impressive choreography while showcasing the beautiful Seoul skyline. Lyrics: haru jongil [...]

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K-pop corner >>> Ailee – Mind your own business

Korean-American singer Ailee has revelead her new video for "Mind your own business". For this track, she shows off a bad girl concept as we see her first trying to escape jail, followed by wrecking a car. Her first full album "Vivid" is out now. Lyrics: Don’t make me fight deoneun hwanage mandeulji [...]

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K-pop corner >>> Stephanie – Blackout

Stephanie member of The Grace, a South Korean girl group, released her first solo single album "The new beginning" in 2012. Now she is back with her follow up promotional music video "Blackout". Rumour has it a new album is coming very soon. Lyrics: so cool, gadeuk chaewoseo hanjan deo hus jogeumdeo biteulgeorige [...]

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K-pop corner >>> Jun Jin feat. Eric – Wow wow wow

Jun Jin, member of the South Korean boy band Shinhwa, is finally back with his new solo album "#Real#" and the single "Wow wow wow". "Wow wow wow" is a dance pop track that features an edgy rap break by fellow Shinhwa member Eric. After waiting seven years since the veteran singer's last solo release, [...]

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