Lizzo details upcoming album, drops title track

There’s no doubt that 2019 is Lizzo’s breakout year. The Minneapolis-based singer and rapper released acclaimed single "Juice" last month and now it's time to listen a second taste from her major label debut album "Cuz I love you". The title track, produced by American rock band X Ambassadors, is a fiery soulful ballad [...]

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Watch: Saara Aalto releases powerful video for “Dance like nobody’s watching”

Sara Aalto has released a new music video for "Dance like nobody's watching" – and it has a very powerful message. Directed by Adam Pitts, the clip tells the story of a transgender woman’s childhood. It features transgender dancer Jessica Allen. Dancing On Ice professional partner Hamish Gaman also stars. Saara – who wrote [...]

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Kelly Rowland shares new song and video “Crown”: Watch

Kelly Rowland continues her return with the release of another brilliant song called "Crown". The empowerment anthem was produced by Edgar "JV" Etienne & Harmony Samuels and co-written by Kelly along with Varren Wade, Kyle Coleman, Harmony Samuels, Edgar "JV" Etienne & Colby O'Donis. The accompanying music video, directed by Hannah Lux Davis in [...]

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See LANY’s video for “Thick and thin”

LANY have just shared the music video for their third single "Thick and thin". The emotive song appears on the Californian trio's album "Malibu nights". Written By Paul Klein, Jake Goss, Sasha Sloan & Sir Nolan, the track describes with honest lyrics the feeling of confusion after a breakup. It's the first song on [...]

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Watch Now United new music video for “Beautiful life”

2019 will be a great year for the music and today we want to talk about an interesting project you should listen to: Now United. Formed two years ago by Simon Fuller, Now United is an international music group made up of performers from 14 different countries. Just a reminder, Simon Fuller is the [...]

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Westlife reveal video for comeback single “Hello my love”

Irish pop group Westlife return to the music scene with their new song "Hello my love". The track, written by Steve Mac and Ed Sheeran, is an uptempo and it's the band's first single since "Lighthouse", released in 2011. About the collaboration with Sheeran, Mark said: "It’s quite an honour because Ed is now [...]

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Robbie Williams performs on a rooftop in “I just want people to like me” new music video

2019 will be an exciting year for Robbie Williams as he sets up a Las Vegas residency show for the first time. It will be kicking off in March. But first, the English singer-songwriter and entertainer will drop new compilation "Under the radar vol. 3" just in time for Valentine's Day. The collection will [...]

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Cardi B delivers her best music video yet with “Money”

Cardi B had a very exciting 2018. A breakout year that cemented her as a worldwide star with the release of her double platinum debut album "Invasion of privacy". The album was released in April and it reached No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard 200 Albums chart. During the year, the "I like it" [...]

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Kirsten Collins releases new music video “Bad”

Canadian-born, LA-based pop singer/songwriter Kirsten Collins is on our radar this week. Kirsten began to focus on music at the age of five when she performed her first solo song and the following year she composed her first original song. Over the course of her short but impressive career till date, she has worked [...]

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Introducing: Zeina – Tear drops (video)

Zeina is a Canadian singer-songwriter, dj and producer. Influenced by Amy Winehouse and Tony Bennett, the multi-talented artist defines her musical style as a melting pot of jazz, trap, pop and R&B. After releasing great songs like "Washing machine" and "Trap ballad", Zeina dropped her debut seven-track EP "Odd one out" in November 2017. [...]

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