Sia – The greatest (new video)

Sia joins forces with American hip hop recording artist Kendrick Lamar on “The greatest”, new single from “This is acting” album.
The track is a tribute to the victims of June’s tragic shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando.
siaThe video, directed by Sia and Daniel Askill, features her collaborator and muse Maddie Ziegler in a set up similar to “Chandelier”. Only this time, Ziegler sports rainbows on her face as she delivers her most emotional performance yet in the visual, which features 49 young dancers who end their routine with the haunting image of a sea of bodies on the floor, along with the message ‘#WeAreYourChildren’. The video version of the track doesn’t feature Kendrick Lamar.
Sia released her last album “This is acting” back in January, scoring a Billboard 100 No.1 for her song “Cheap thrills”.

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