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Craig David drops new song “I know you” featuring Bastille (listen)

Bastille are featured on Craig David's latest track "I know you". The garage-r&b singer will release his new album "The time is now" featuring 15 new tracks on January 26. The album, which follows up 2016's "Following my intuition", includes further collaborations with JP Cooper, AJ Tracey, Ella Mai, Kaytranada and GoldLink. In a [...]

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Charli XCX’s new video is filled with “Boys”

Charli XCX is back with a new song "Boys". It's the British singer's second single from her untitled and forthcoming third studio album, which is expected sometime in 2018. The music video, directed by XCX herself with Sarah McColgan, features a ton of musicians, actors, youtubers including Joe Jonas, Diplo, Charlie Puth, Dan Smith [...]

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Bastille – Blame (new video)

Bastille go ahead with the promotion of their second album "Wild world" with a brand new video for the single "Blame". The track, written by frontman Dan Smith, is the shortest track on the album. It represent Wild World’s most rocking moment, with a hint of Joan Jett’s black-hearted Rock ’n’ Roll guitar slashes. [...]

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Bastille – Send them off! (new video)

Bastille's new album "Wild world" went number one in 20 countries. Now the indie pop band have ready to launch the music video for "Send them off!". The label explain the contept of the video: "We see the lead characters decent into a hellish underworld with twisting Domdaniel like corridors, nightmarish scenes and the [...]

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Bastille – Send them off! (audio)

With only a few days left to release their new album "Wild world", Bastille shared another brilliant track "Send them off!". The song, which was first played at Rose Bar in New York City on December 1, 2015, is the third single from "Wild world". “We wanted to sort of make a big, bombastic, [...]

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Bastille – Fake it (new video)

Following "Good grief", English indie pop group Bastille shared the video for their second single "Fake it". The track, written and produced by frontman Dan Smith along Mark Crew, received its first play during Zane Lowe’s World Record at Beats 1 on July 27th. The music video, directed by Tom Middleton and Jack Scott [...]

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Bastille – Fake it (audio)

Bastille's new album "Wild world" will be out in just a few weeks and the indie-pop band unveiled the second single "Fake it". The track got a first spin from Zane Lowe on Beats 1 in his World Record slot. It follows up on the already-everywhere lead track "Good grief". Where "Good grief" had [...]

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Bastille – Good grief (new video)

English indie-pop group Bastille released the single "Good grief" last week and have debuted the video now. The surreal clip features a bank robbery, a burning house, gun-toting quiz show contestants, roller girls and a kitchen-sink thrown in for good measure. Frontman Dan Smith said: "We were excited to be able to work with [...]

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Bastille announce new album “Wild world” + new single “Good grief” (audio)

After a lenghty hiatus, English indie-pop group Bastille return with a new album "Wild world", which will be out later this year. First single is the soulful/indie-rock song "Good grief". The track opens with dialogue from actress Kelly Le Brock’s iconic character Lisa from the film "Weird Science", “What would you little maniacs like [...]

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Bastille tease new album

English indie rock band Bastille have posted via Facebook a video snippet about the follow-up to 2013’s "Bad blood". “I’ve heard lots of bands talking about making their ‘difficult’ second album” says the frontman Dan Smith “but we never thought that far ahead. I guess, until recently, we haven’t had much time to think [...]

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