Maan on the moon release new single + lyric video for “Black train”

Maan On The Moon are a Paris-based dance duo comprised of two producers John Raays and Smil.They met behind the scenes of a festival and quickly became friends sharing their passion for music.Influenced by various artists including Sting, Drake and Daft Punk, John and Smil chose their name as an indirect reference to Jim Carrey's [...]

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Saara Aalto pays tribute to 80s disco pop on new single “Dance!!!”

Saara Aalto has just released "Dance!!!" as new single from her international debut studio album "Wild wild wonderland". The contagious dance pop song was written by Saara herself alongside Linnéa Deb (Fifth Harmony, Jojo, Akon) & Matias Keskiruokanen and produced by The Family. "'Dance!!!' is a spectacular summer hit that I hope will bring [...]

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Where are they now? >>> Yazz

Yazz is a British dance pop singer who began her musical career recording a number of club hits with the group The Biz but is most famous for UK number one hit "The only way is up" that was released in 1988. This was followed by "Stand up for your love rights" and later [...]

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K-pop corner >>> EXO – Power

South Korean-Chinese band EXO return to All Around New Music with the music video for "Power". The single is and EDM song that will get everyone dancing. It's taken from the group's 4th repackage album "The war: the power of music", which contains 12 tracks including new songs "Sweet lies", "Boomerang" and "Power". The [...]

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Donny Montell – Screw me up (new video)

Donny Montell is back with a brand new music video. It's for his latest single "Screw me up". The dance pop track was written by Tim Larsson and Tobias Lundgren, who wrote many Melodifestivalen songs such as "Alcastar" by Alcazar (2005), "Alla Flickor" by Linda Bengtzing (2005) and "Heartbreak hotel" by Yohio (2013). The [...]

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Little Mix – Touch (new video)

Little Mix released their latest album "Glory days" two months ago and they’re not slowing down any time soon. The girl band dropped a brand new music video for their second single "Touch". The track, written by Hanni Ibrahim, Patrick Patrikios, A.S. Govere and Phil Plested, is a dance-pop infused song produced by MNEK. [...]

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K-pop corner >>> Seventeen – Highlight

Seventeen is a South Korean boy band formed by thirteen members. They have released one album "Love & letter" and three EPs. New single "Highlight" is an upbeat dance track composed by Hoshi along with BUMZU. It's taken from the group's latest EP "Going Seventeen", which was released last December and included the hit "Boom [...]

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Adam & Eve – Eternal love (new video)

Adam & Eve is a disco/edm/pop/electro-inspired rock band from Lahti, Finland. The group, founded in 2013, is composed by Matti Rockell (vocals), Ilmari "Imppu" Myllynen (keyboards, backing vocals), Largo (bass, backing vocals), Petri Liski (drums, backing vocals), Joonas Mäyrä (guitars, backing vocals) and Rainer Pekkinen (producer, programming). Influenced by numerous synthpop, dance artists including [...]

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Andreas Moss – Thinking about you (new video)

Andreas Moss is a Swedish rising star. His debut single "Thinking about you" is a beautiful slow jam that incorporates elements of dance and pop music. Lyrics: How to trigger you, think I drank to much 'Cause you had me blurry eyed every time we touched I'm a simple man with a [...]

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Timo Odv feat. Ryki – Make you love me (new video)

South African star Timo Odv has just released his debut EP "Origins". Produced and written by Timo himself, "Origins" can be described as a creative dark dirty dance journey. “With this EP, I have become more free, and I have started understanding my market and my fans better. I have opened up more whilst [...]

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