Whether or not you are a trombonist, we can probably all agree that the trombone makes one of the most glorious sounds of all musical instruments.
This versatile brass instrument can be stately or lyrical depending on how you handle it, and it pretty much is the only brass instrument that can really play in tune.
So now, can you imagine what a trombone song cover would sound like? As you are about to find out, it is pure gold.

1. “Pirates of the Caribbean” Soundtrack

This would be an ideal rendition for an intermediate or advanced trombonist. However, if you feel up to the challenge, you can still try it out and see how it goes.
The arrangement will totally blow your mind. This particular one is a brass trombone cover, and you are bound to love the low notes that are nicely full and throaty.
As previously mentioned, this masterful rendition is quite tasking. However, it would also be quite rewarding once you nail it.

2. “Happy” by Pharrell Williams

This phenomenally popular upbeat neo-soul tune has a trombone version that is sure to tickle your fancy.
The looped trombone version would be pretty easy to execute, even for a beginner trombone player. The notes you need to know are the F, E-flat, G, C, B-flat, and A-flat. It is all actually much easier when done practically than in theory.
The feel-good mood of the song is sure to reflect in your playing because the gleeful nature of the song is still evoked rhythmically even when playing it on the trombone.
Just give it a try and see.

3. “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” by The Tokens

Hearing this song played on the trombone will leave you itching to learn how to play the instrument-if you don’t already.
The building of the chord structures is impressive as the alto, and jazz trombones come together beautifully to do justice to this rendition.
You will love this particular loop arrangement by Christopher Bill, and you can choose to add percussion later.
When well-executed, your chops, highs, and lows are sure to impress any audience.

4. “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke

The high notes in this trombone rendition, along with the 16th and 32nd notes, will truly test your playing skills and stamina, but it will be entirely worth it.
The chords you would need to play this medium pop song are G, D, G7, and D7, which is pretty straightforward, especially for beginners.
You can simply choose to play the rhythm and melody of this song without any fluff.
Alternatively, you could also use multiple trombone layers to transform this version into more than just an ordinary trombone cover.
Once you have grasped the basics, there is no limit to what other inclusions you could incorporate as you have fun with the tune.

5. “Bohemian Rhapsody” By Queen

We crown this list with one of the most immaculate trombone renditions of all-time – Bohemian Rhapsody.
The international mega hit that was the original song won hearts around the world. Likewise, this trombone version will not disappoint.
Both the trombone rendition and the original song are in perfect sync melodically and in tempo, proving to be the ultimate audio pleasure you never knew you needed.
Performed by 28 legendary trombonists, this cover is about to give you 8 minutes of pure goosebumps.


Besides doing it for mere entertainment, listening to talented trombone players will help you formulate a clear aural understanding of what you wish to sound like.
As a result, the above covers will help you cultivate an excellent trombone tone quality, which is the most crucial attribute for any trombonist.
Once you have mastered that, playing any cover song will be a breeze. Whether you are playing the bass, alto, or tenor trombone, the instrument will always give you an impressive note range to achieve whatever you desire.