Hailing from Italy, indipendent artist Angelo Bavaro Producer describes himself as “future electro pop artist came from the past”.
After releasing a string of hits between 2013 to 2016, the rising star has just returned with his debut album “Traces” and a brand new song titled “The Fight”.
The infectious track is a great gift to lovers of synths, beats and everything related to the fantastic 80s.
It talks about the moment you realize that you have found the right person for you. The one to fight adversity with. “Just in the name of love”, as he sings.
The second track from “Traces” is “Break the dancefloor (Melanchodance remix)”, an emotional and reflective song that achieved good selling goals and which is very high in Spotify’s streamings. It delivers a piano melody with a pulsating rhythm that sticks in your head.
The more you get” is a song with a totally international feel. It’s a mix of dark sounds, Depeche Mode-style.
Into my mind” is more pop but it is also unusual. The piano, intentionally dissonant, creates a mixture of dream pop and dance.
“Between me and you” is much slower that the other tracks. The result is a brilliant melancholic ballad. It represents the right preface for “Knocking at the Door”, a sophisticated tune in which electronic strings and a rude synth are dominant.
“Bonjour mon amour” features a rhythm that feels like it is straight from the 80s, adding an element of fun to the song. It will surely make you dance.
The album concludes with three delightful gems: “No Time for That”, “It’s Just Not On” and “All I Do Tonight”, the first three songs created by the artist.