Bandits is a pop rock band hailing from Belgium. The band, active from 2011, is composed by Jasper Publie (lead vocalist), Toon Smet (drummer), Tim Tielemans (guitarist), Thomas Van Achteren (bassist) and Neil Akenzua (keyboards and saxophone).
New single is called “Unfold me”.

“It’s a while since Bandits has come up with new stuff” says frontman Jasper Publie. “We have worked extremely hard over the past year to our occupation, our sound and new songs. So Neil Akenzua had to come as a fifth member. With the introduction of Neil and a brand new production is the sound more ‘pop’ than ever before, without losing sight of guitar roots”.


Stop play hard to get
You know it drives me wild
I just wanna (spoor?) you mad

As if you where an only child
Oh baby, do you wanna took me in tonight
I even wanna be your dog
As long as you hold the line
I get a wholo catalogue
… And calvin klein
Oh baby, if it makes you feel alright

I’d even spend a million, more than you’ll ever need
Ignore the big opinion
Oh what is good for me
Cause you could have it all
You could hava it all

Do you really have the guts to drive me up girl
… The times is right now
To hold me, unfold me
Do you really have the guts …
I really dont need much if you dont decide to hold me, unfold me