Barbra Streisand has announced her thirty-sixth studio album “Walls”.
Accompanying the release, the American multi-talented superstar dropped the single “Don’t lie to me”.
The track, written by longtime partner collaborator Jay Landers and Swedish hitmaker Jonas Myrin, is an explicitly anti-Trump track.
About it, Barbra said: “The leader of the free world doesn’t seem to care much about truth, and he’s chipping away at the pillars of democracy, like freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press. I believe in the power of the truth, and I can’t stand being lied to. I don’t think the country should be lied to either.”
“I was very driven by this president’s lies. And that’s why this first song is ‘Don’t Lie to Me,’” she added.
“If you listen to it at first, maybe it could be a relationship — a woman walks into a room and sees her husband with another woman and says, ‘Who are you gonna believe? Me or my lyin’ eyes?’”.
“To me, being lied to is very personal, very deep, because I was lied to as a child. But this is a president now … I think the total is over 5,000 lies. And I just don’t understand how the public or even his party lets him get away with that.”
The music video for “Don’t lie to me” contains tons of images of protests. Also we can see former President Obama in tears.
“Walls” is set to be an 11-track LP featuring high-profile songwriters and producers including Mariah Carey’s old collaborator, Walter Afansieff, as well as Streisand’s award winning pals Alan and Marilyn Bergman, and Nashville heavyweight Steve Dorff.
The album is due November 2.