Canadian rocker Bryan Adams returned with a new album “Get up” last year, its first in seven years.
The Beatles’ inspired track “Don’t even try” is the fourth single from the album.
The video features British comedian and “Britain’s got talent” judge David Walliams on guitar.
Adams has explained of the unexpected cameo: ‘My guitarist couldn’t make the video and David Walliams said he’d sit in.’

“Get up” is the Bryan Adams’ thirteenth studio album and was produced by Electric Light Orchestra frontman Jeff Lynne.
All the nine tracks (there are also four acoustic versions) were co-written with his long-time collaborator Jim Vallance.
Bryan is currently on his Get Up tour. View all tour dates here


It’s alright tonight, what can you do?!
It’s alright tonight, she is over you

You took the love she gave and then you
Throw it all the way
No time for goodbye
Don’t even try
Don’t even try

It’s too late for love, what can you say?!
It’s too late for love, she’s gone away
You searching for an answer
And there is no need to wonder why
You made her cry
So don’t even try
Don’t even try

You could call her up again, so another day
But she’ll never let you in, just walk away

It’s alright tonight, just let it be
It’s alright tonight, now she is with me
You know you can’t go on pretending
It’s time you realise, you told her lies
So don’t even try
Don’t even try
Don’t even try
Don’t even try