American actor-singer-musician Chord Overstreet has dropped a brand new single called “Cold feet”.
Written by Chord himself alongside Quinn Lewis and Bret Truitt (Betty Who, R3hab), the track is a lovely, tender pop-country song. It gives the listener overwhelming feelings thanks to the 31-year-old’s angelic voice and its heartfelt lyrics.
“Thank you guys so much for all your continued love and support” the multi-talented artist said on socials. “I feel so blessed to be able to create and share music with you guys. Put some headphones on, close your eyes and enjoy. Much love”.
“Cold feet” follows the singles “Sunflower” and “What you need”.


Under these sheets
Thunder and lighting
Keeping us awake
Makes me love the rain

Little shivers
Turn to whispers
Will you keep me warm
Hiding from the storm

If you get cold feet
In the middle of the night
I’ll always be there

If you wanna get cozy
Just put em on right on mine
Cause darling I’m right there

You love questions
Where we’re headed
Somewhere down the road
All the places that we’ll go

Saying shyly
Will you still like me
In 100 years
If we’re both still here

If you get cold feet
100 years from now
I’ll always be there

If you still want me
In another 100 years
Baby I’ll be there

Standing up here waiting on you
Just to make it last forever girl

If you get cold feet
In the middle of the aisle
I’m standing right here

Yeah if you get cold
And you heart is running wild
Just know that I’m right there