German-American bedroom pop artist Chris James is back with another song, “Will I see you again”, his fifth track for 2021 after “Alone on a Friday”, “Hey it’s me”, “4am magic” and “The fallout”.
The new single, written, produced and mixed by Chris himself, is very personal. About it the multi-talented artist said: “I think this last year was extremely hard for me socially. I moved away from home and the question of “Will I See You Again?” came up in my head over and over again. I didn’t want to focus that feeling on the pandemic though because I felt so sick of thinking or talking about it, so I turned it into a love song”.
The music video, filmed by Framebar Films, fits the tone of the song perfectly. We can see the young singer-songwriter running and smiling full of hope for the future.
Chris James’ debut album “Art of overthinking” was released last year. Also last year, he had something more to celebrate as the songwriter for BTS’ number one Billboard hit “Life goes on”.


I don’t believe in a god or in fate by design or in some kind of power
But I think I’m tripping and slipping right in by the hour
Not gonna waste more time and say goodbye, do I have to?
Tell me did I talk too much?
Wait can we stop?

When will I see you again?
When will I see you again?
When will I feel you again?
When will I feel you again?
Hey I don’t want it to end
Oh I don’t want it to end
Not ready yet to say goodbye
Won’t find you in another life
So will I see you again?

Can somebody tell me when did it go so out of style to be looking for someone?
And why should I wait for a while till I ask about
when you’re free and when you’re not
Don’t wanna plan my day without you, love
Now tell me did I talk too much?
Wait should I stop

Come on baby,
Fall right in