Contour is a Dublin duo. Their recent EP “Blessed with weird things” contains the track “Paradise lost”, a title which has personal connontations for the singer Anna Doran as well as being a reference to “Lord of the flies” as she explains of the video and track.
“Paradise Lost references the book Lord of the Flies by William Golding as it is about our tendency as human beings towards destructiveness. I worked very hard to break the cycle of self-destruction that I had been locked in since my teens and yet when I finally achieved calm and happiness I found myself craving some chaos. In Golding’s story, the young men land in Paradise but then participate in their Utopia becoming a Dystopia as a result of encountering “the beast”. It’s similar to how I have observed myself doing little things to sabotage my life when it was near perfect. The beast is always lurking within. He is that internal persecutor that attacks and preys upon our vulnerabilities. It’s the force that abuses us or pushes us into abusive situations, and it doesn’t take well to us being brave, confident or independent. Once we meet the beast we have to acknowledge it and I’ve been working on integrating this part of myself in healthy and creative ways. You bite the bullet and channel it and don’t let it fuck things up for you. The video shows this struggle, and how the beast can be set free in the dance. It’s a beautiful expression of that energy”.