1. 7 days

Released in 2000, “7 days” was chose as second single from Craig David’s debut studio album “Born to do it”.
Written by Craig himself alongside Artful Dodger Mark Hill and Darren Hill, the track is the UK’s 17th best-selling song of the entire decade.

2. Fill me in

This song was Craig David’s debut solo single and the lead from his album “Born to do it” in 2000.
It was an instant success providing his first number one single on the UK singles chart.
Two version of the music video were made. The first released for UK features footage of Craig with a woman at his apartment.
The US version sees the singer in a record store and other locations. This time his love interest is mixed race.

3. Rendezvous

“Rendezvous” is a smooth r&b song immediately considered one of the fan-favorite track from “Born to do it” album.
It was a top twenty hit in UK, Belgium, Scotland and Poland.

4. Rise & fall (feat. Sting)

“Rise & fall” appears on Craig David’s second album “Slicker than your average”. It samples Sting’s 1993 single “Shape of my heart” and the Police frontman also contributes backing vocals.
About the collaboration, the legendary artist explained: “Craig David called me up and said, ‘I’ve written a song based on your song, would you like to come and sing on it’ Absolutely! I’ve got something to learn. He’s a great singer. But they’ve also got things to learn from me. It’s like there’s a kind of trade-off. It’s so wonderful to see someone young and fresh reinterpret your song, or use bits of your song to create another original piece of art. I also get paid. I got paid enough on the Craig David track to put two of my kids through college, so I’m not gonna say no! I think it’s great!”.

5. Insomnia

Produced by Jim Beanz (Timbaland, Nelly Furtado, Britney Spears), the song was released as lead single from Craig David’s “Greatest hits” album.
The song has an urban disco sound and talks about a feeling of insomnia due to the absence of a loved ones presence in your life.