Darja is a pop/EDM/House singer-songwriter originally from Riga, Latvia and raised in Germany and the UK.
She first appeared to the big audience during the second season of German reality TV Show Popstars in the year of 2001. This took her to partecipate of a second music competition: X Factor UK in 2003.
Since 2012 Darja has released a handful of singles including “True paradise”, which has been awarded Best Pop/Dance Song by The Akademia Music Awards. Now Darja is back with a new track called “Rise up”.
Speaking on it, the singer says: “It is a song inspired by my need to let go of the past once and for all, to shed my old skin and step into a new, confident self that is done paying dues and ready to take on the world with renewed drive and energy. “Rise Up” is about rising up from the ashes and overcoming hardship to stand strong in the end. It is an anthem for those who are ready to have a new beginning, for those who are done licking old wounds and are ready to Rise Up to new heights and conquer ones demons to move forward with strength, confidence and belief”.
A music video, directed by Gaudens Martin Zulu, featuring cinematography by Snyder Derival and choreography by Ana Kisin, is coming soon.
Darja’s album is set to be released in 2018. So stay tuned!