Hailing from Sydney’s west, Australia, Dekleyn is one of the most exciting electro indie pop duo in recent years.
Formed by Matthew DeCelis and Justin Kleyn, the pair debut with “Drive” EP in 2017.
After an interesting collection of singles and two Eps, Dekleyn return with a new song about love, heartache and mixed emotions.
“‘One more night’ is a song of mixed emotions” they said. “Ultimately, it’s about enjoying your time with somebody, being in the moment and forgetting about everything else. Contrastingly, it also touches on the idea of troubles in a relationship and how the couple deal with that, working through their troubles to enjoy their “one more night”.
“We really enjoyed working on this one, it was the first song we started working on after we completed the Thrive EP” added Matthew and Justin. “We finished it, scrapped it, re-worked it, and eventually after months of work we got the track to a place where we love the energy it brings, whilst also having an emotional aspect that shines through when you focus on the lyrics”.