Lithuanian singer-songwriter Donny Montell has just dropped the fan-favorite single “Light it up” taken from the album “#BLCK”.
The track is a sweet pop tune combined with beautifully melodic and emotive vocals.
“#BLCK”, released last March, is available to purchase on iTunes.


I feel it in my heart
I feel it in my veins
I don’t know how explain this

But it feel so right

Its bigger then we are
Its brighter more then stars
Tonight we’re all for a reason
We’re celebrating life

I don’t wanna run away
I wanna stay with you
When you smile that’s all I need
No matter what I do

I wanna win your heart
I don’t know where to start it

Are you with me right now
With you no matter how
We could set city on fire
Light it up now, light it up now…

I know somebodys watching
We not afraid no more
We’ll be the one who win this
Let’s light it up the streets

When I’m watching you aside
I’m breathing air with you
When you jump and you don’t reach
I’m falling down with you