Garbage have shared another cut from their sixth studio album “Strange little birds”. It’s called “Magnetized” and it serves as the follow-up to “Empty”.
The clip, directed by Scott Stuckey, was filmed in Los Angeles at Pancake Mountain Headquarters in Los Angeles.
It features some unsettling science experiments as Shirley Manson is shown as a scared kid, and the aftermath as a witch.

“We made the video for Magnetized at Pancake Mountain Headquarters in Los Angeles with an incredibly gifted team under the madcap direction of my next door neighbour Scott Stuckey. We wanted to create an ode to the magic of science and the mysteries of love“ Shirley said.
Stuckey, the director, added: “Magnetized is one of my favorite songs on the album. Any time you get to send 300,000 volts of electricity through an eight-year-old Shirley Manson doppelgänger and the real Shirley, then YES, sign me up!”