Hedley is a Canadian pop-rock group formed in 2003.
On November 6, 2015 the band released their sixth album called “Hello”. It features 11 tracks in the standard edition and 14 tracks in the deluxe edition.
“Lose control” is the new single (the third single off the album).
“We really wanted to make a video that just represents a combination of visualizations that you could probably expect would be going on in any one of our heads at any given moment,” says lead singer Jacob Hoggard about the video.
Hedley is up for two Junos this year – Pop Album of the Year and Group Album of the Year. Jacob is thrilled – “It’s killer man, it’s such a great feeling. The Junos are like an institution as far as Canadian music goes and that representation of Canadian talent that we’re seeing all over the world – there’s a new benchmark for it these days and to be included in those groups has always been such an honour for us from the very beginning.”
“We have incredible fans and they’re there for us the way we’re there for them. And I think that’s what makes what we do so rewarding.”