It’s been four years since the release of Hozier’s debut studio album and the Irish singer-songwriter is back with a new EP “Nina cried power”.
The title track, produced by “Take me to church” singer with Markus Dravs (Arcade Fire, Coldplay, Björk), is a “song about protest songs” and it features Mavis Staples, the legendary soul/gospel singer, voice of the Staple Singers.
“Nina cried power was written sometime last year, and my aim was to credit the actuality of hope, solidarity and love found in the human spirit at a time when their opposites were being given a mainstream platform 24/7. The song started as a tongue-in-cheek inquiry into modern popular language regarding political awareness and grew from there” Hozier said. “In many ways the song is a thank you note to the legacy of artists from the 20th Century whose work still inspires us, and whose well we draw from in times of uncertainty. Mavis Staples is one such artist. Getting to work with her on this song was a joy, and nothing short of a dream come true”.
The music video, directed by Jon Hozier-Byrne and Patrick Ryan, features well known activists, Sinéad Burke, Panti Bliss, Colm O’Gorman and many more.
“Nina cried power” EP consists of four brand new tracks and it’s out now!

“Nina cried power” EP tracklist:

1. Nina cried power
3. Moment’s silence (Common tongue)
4. Shrike