Aryes are three girls: Hanne Rindal Ree, Ingri Rønning and Lise Viktoria Hagen from Trøndelag, Norway.
Not familiar with them? You will be soon.
These girls amazed us with their first single “Earthshakes” and continued to impress us with the following releases. Their voices and sounds are unique, just like this interview. These are our questions:

AANM: Could you girls introduce yourself?

Aryes: We are an electric new Norwegian urban pop band called Aryes. We’ve had destiny on our side since birth since we’re born in the same hospital, the same year and the same week in April – hence the name Aryes. Though born under parallel circumstances, it wasn’t until later we were reunited through our music studies, became best friends and embarked on a journey to pop stardom together. This journey has seen us travel, experienced and performing around the world together.

AANM: Talk to us about your current single “No means no”

Aryes: Our goal was to write a feminist-inspired song that sheds light on the important topic: sexual harassment This song was inspired by the expression «No matter what I wear, no matter where I go, yes means yes and No means No». It was written with emotion and a wish of wanting to empower girls across the globe. We have the right to make our own individual choices about our bodies, our image and our lives. Being polite, sweet or sexy is not an invitation, we need to stand together and demand the respect we deserve. «No Means No» is a song tributing the human right to be yourself.

AANM: How did you come up with the idea for your first Christmas song “Bring me home”?

Aryes: “Bring me home” is simply a Christmas ballad. We wrote it as we were living in a worn out apartment in London before one christmas holiday, in a period where we were all alone – everyone with a heartbreak, feeling homesick. All we wanted was to go home for christmas. Christmas is a time for contemplation, and sorrow, loneliness and regret gets reinforced around the holidays. But it’s also a time for reconciliation, forgiveness and love. “Santa, I didn’t do too good this year, but please take me home anyway”.

AANM: Will you be releasing an album soon?

Aryes: Right now we’re focusing on getting good singles out there to get our name recognized around the world.
We find that in the industry today it’s all about making current music that would hit the right charts to make people aware.
This year we’ve been focusing on writing new singles so that we have a lot of material ready for 2018. So all in all it really is an album, we’re just releasing it bit by bit!

AANM: There have already been lots of comparisons to other girlbands like Destiny’s Child and TLC. How do you feel about being compared to act like that?

Aryes: We’ve always looked up to strong female influencers, so being compared to such legendary girl groups as Destiny’s Child and TLC is simply an honor.

AANM: Which acts are you excited about at the moment?

Aryes: As of today our favorite acts are all the women standing up for sexual harassment and standing together in the #metoo campaign.