Troubled George Michael earned more than £4million last year despite not working as he continues his rehab.
A music industry source revealed: “It’s quite incredible George is still making millions even though he has not been working. We know he’s desperate to get back to work by next year, especially because it will be the 30th anniversary of Wham! splitting up and George going solo. But the absolute priority for him and his team is his health as there’s clearly no rush about him getting back to work.”
George’s last album “Symphonica”, released in March 2014, sold 100,000 copies. His last performance was on tour in October 2012.
The star has a long history battling drugs. In March last year he said he had quit and not used cannabis for 18 months after previously smoking 25 joints a day.
He said: “I decided to change my life and I haven’t touched it.”