1. Lazaretto

Written by Jack himself, the song is the first single from his second solo album, released in 2014. The B-side of the single is a cover of Elvis Presley’s “Power of my love”.
“Lazaretto” won the 2015 Grammy for Best Rock Performance.

2. Love interruption

Recorded at his own Third Man Studio in Nashville, “Love interruption” is the first song Jack’s released since the White Stripes broke up.
It features the vocals of Ruby Amanfu, an acclaimed Ghanaian-born singer and songwriter.
About the meaning of the track, White said: “It’s hard to put love in a song because it’s been used for so long, thousands of times in plays, paintings, poems and, if you’re going to say that word I think you have to really put a twist on it for yourself. If you’re going to use the word ‘love’, I wanted to provoke some kind of thought that’s what I wanted it to do for me”.

3. High ball stepper

“High Ball Stepper” is an instrumental track released as promotional single from his second studio album “Lazaretto”.
The music video is basically four minutes of blazing guitar riffs set to visuals of inanimate objects manipulated by the sound of the music.

4. Freedom at 21

“Freedom at 21” is Jack White’s third single from his debut album “Blunderbuss”.
This single was previously released exclusively via 1000 flexi-disc records attached to helium balloons launched into the sky from the Third Man headquarters.
The music video was directed by hip-hop icon Hype Williams (Tupac, Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliott).

5. Over and over and over

Originally intended to be released in White Stripes’ fifth album “Get behind me Satan”, the song instead was released as second single from Jack’s third solo studio album “Boarding house reach”.
The accompanying music video was filmed in London and directed by Us, a duo consisting of Christopher Barrett and Luke Taylor. It shows White plays guitar in a strange house where he encounters trippy little kids, dudes in camo pants and his own doppelganger.