1. Love me again

Released in 2013, “Love me again” is John’s first single from his debut album “Tribute”. Co-written with British songwriter Steve Booker, who also co-penned Duffy’s smash hit “Mercy”, the track reached number one in UK, Scotland and Greece and top ten in many countries.
Two version of the music video were made. The first, filmed at Mildmay club in Stoke Newington, is based on the classic love story of Romeo and Juliet. The second video features Newman, backed by musicians, singing in a poorly illuminated room.

2. Blame

The Calvin Harris and John Newman collaboration, released in 2014, was performed live for the first time at the iHeartRadio Music Festival.
It was the third UK number one single for Newman following 2012’s “Feel the love” and 2013 solo single “Love me again.”

3. Cheating

Produced by Newman, Mike Spencer & Ant Whiting, this upbeat pop-funk song was chose as second single from John’s “Tribute” album.
The song sees the British star struggling with the problems of a relationship and features scenes of him performing at a rooftop gig.

4. Come and get it

“Come and get it” was released as the lead single from John’s second studio album “Revolve”.
The music video, directed by Alex Herron (Rob Thomas, Professor Green, Taio Cruz), is based on a real life experience. About the young singer said: “It was a real situation and I like to make everything as real as possible. It’s a weird one for me to talk about because I’ve been ballsy enough to put it in a video but I don’t think I’m ballsy enough to talk about it in person, which is hard. It’s a hard story to talk about when it’s not in a song, I guess”.

5. Stand by me

Written by Newman, Emma Bertilsson, Fredrik Haggstam and Litens Anton Nilsson, the introspective ballad became his most emotional and meaningful song to date.
It peaked at number 24 on the Scottish singles chart.