After his duet with Chris Stapleton at the CMA Awards bowled us all over, Justin Timberlake may be thinking about returning to his Tennessee roots on his next record. Or so says Timbaland who admits that a country album isn’t so far-fetched, seeing as how they both hail from the good old south. “We are country. He’s from Tennessee, I’m from Virginia. It’s only right that we try to tap into what we was raised in. We was raised in the country,” Timbaland told TMZ. “That’s who we are.”
Furthermore, the Shock Value II rapper admitted that the two favor love songs, having heard them constantly growing up, although he details recent times as a different generation of country. “”Drink you away” was done on The 20/20 Experience. It’s now one of the biggest songs. But we always wanted to do country music. We thought some of our lyrics were country,” he added.