K-pop corner >>> Lisa – Lalisa

Lisa is the latest Blackpink member to make her solo debut.The upbeat track, "Lalisa", is produced by Teddy Park and it's named after artist's real name - Lalisa Manoban.In the accompanying music video, the 24-year-old singer is seen wearing a bike helmet while in other scenes you can find her riding an ATV in the [...]

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K-pop corner >>> Monsta X – Wanted

South Korean boy band Monsta X continue to delight Japanese fans with their new single "Wanted".Written by Swedish producer Albin Nordqvist, the track follows the 2020 Japanese single "Wish on the same sky" and 2019's "Alligator" and "Shoot out".In the accompanying music video, Shownu & co. become sexy fugitives with leather suits and jackets. They [...]

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K-pop corner >>> Victon – Mayday

South Korean boy group Victon have just returned with the title track off their second single album "Mayday". Written by Do Hanse, Han Seung Woo and Oh Yu Won, the song mixes alternative-pop sounds with r&b-dance elements. It talks about the need to escape from a dangerous relationship. The music video opens up with [...]

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K-pop corner >>> Itzy – Wannabe

Itzy made their official debut last year with their song "Dalla dalla". Since then, the South Korean girl group have became one of the most exciting acts. Now, Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna have released a new single titled "Wannabe". It is the first track on their second mini-album "IT'z Me". Other songs [...]

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K-pop corner >>> SF9 – Good guy

SF9 just dropped their new music video "Good guy" and you can see the boys growing very quickly. Also the k-pop band, which debuted in 2016, released their first full-lenght album "First collection", out now. Written by Youngbin, Zuho and Hwiyoung, "Good guy" is a catchy and sensual track. Recently, the nine-piece group performed [...]

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K-pop corner >>> Twice – Feel special

Twice released their new music video for "Feel special" on Monday. The clip features the k-pop queens Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Jihyo, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, Sana, Momo, Mina, and Tzuyu in glamorous outfits. We can see them in different places: dollhouse palace, dreamy and shiny rooms. Written by J.Y. Park, the synth-heavy pop track is the title [...]

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K-pop corner >>> CIX – Movie star

CIX is one of the most anticipated k-pop group of the year. Maybe also because among them there is former Wanna One member Bae Jin Young. Recently the five-member band, comprised by BX, Seung Hun, Yong Hee, Hyun Suk and, as said,  Bae Jin Young, revealed their debut music video for "Movie star", the [...]

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K-pop corner >>> WANNA.B – Leggo

It's been nearly three years since South-Korean girl group WANNA.B released their single "Why" and the long-awaited follow-up is finally here!The track, titled "Leggo" is their fourth digital single, a pop song with hip-hop influences.WANNA.B released a pre-debut single "My type" in 2014, before officially debuting in 2015 with the single "Attention".There have been several [...]

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