Karmin is an American pop duo consisting of real-life couple Amy Renee Heidemann-Noonan and Nick Noonan.
They rose to fame in 2011 as YouTube stars thanks to their covers of popular songs such as “Price tag“, “Super bass“, and “Party rock anthem“.
“Blame it on my heart” is the new single from Karmin’s upcoming studio album “Leo rising” which arrives in September and features zodiac-themed songs.

The track, which is typical Karmin – catchy, not too serious, and fun, has an unusual video.
“’Blame It on My Heart’ embodies the fun-loving qualities of Sagittarius” Amy said. “This sign is usually optimistic and quite lucky, so it’s a real predicament for them to be in the situation that unfolds in this video. We wanted to style it like a ’70s action film.”