Katy Perry’s fourth studio album is expected to be released in 2016 via Capitol Records.
According Advance Alternative Media site, Perry registered three new tracks called “She’s so creepy“, “In flames” and “Heartache crusade” early this year.
Another track called “Legacy” (alternate title “I’m threw“) was registered in early May 2015. The song was written by Leon Gober Dorthars.
According to RadioAnMusic, Perry’s manager Steven Jensen gave a brief but exciting update while speaking at the All That Matters music and entertainment conference in Singapore this week. When talking about Perry, Jensen reportedly said, “She plans to release her next album by 2016.”
Perry registered a new track called “Cocodrile tears” as reponse on her current battle with Taylor Swift. This info was released on Mirror on August 21st.
The pop star has recorded a Christmas song called “Everyday is a holiday”, which is included on the upcoming H&M Christmas campaign where Katy Perry is the protagonist.