Kylie Minogue has released a slew of incredible songs throughout her career and now she’s ready to delight us with a brand new single “Dancing”.
Written by Kylie herself with Amy Wadge (Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking out loud”) and Sky Adams (Ella Eyre), the track takes the Aussie pop princess into uncharted territory: country-pop music.
It’s just the first hint at what’s to come from Minogue’s fourteenth studio album, “Golden”, which is due out April 6 via BMG.
About it, she said: “I was a little bit fragile when I started working on this album and I processed that and I thought it was a good time to be honest and to work through everything and give a snapshot of where I am in my life. It was very rewarding.”
“We worked on this album a lot in Nashville and it taught me about putting more story into the song and delivering it slightly differently and it was a good tool to express myself. Normally with songwriting you start with some beats and write over that and this was the reverse and starting with a guitar and talking through what we want to say in a song. You need to work with good people, songwriting can be a bit like therapy, you have to feel comfortable to talk about personal things. It’s like when you’re keeping something in your head and then you say it out loud to a friend, or to anyone, it kind of neutralises it or you feel like you’ve got it out of your system.”

“Golden” tracklist:

1. Dancing
2. Stop Me From Falling
3. Golden
4. A Lifetime Repair
5. Sincerily Yours
6. One Last Kiss
7. Live a Little
8. Shelby ’68
9. Radio On
10. L.O.V.E
11. Raining Glitter
12. Music’s Too Sad Without You (with Jack Savoretti)