Eurovision song contest 2017 will take place in Kiev on Tuesday 9 and Thursday 11 May, with the Grand Final on Saturday 13.
Recently Germany chose their participant. It’s Levina with the song “Perfect life”.
Levina is a soulful pop singer-songwriter based in Berlin and London. Her voice is unique with her low raspy tone, which can be beautifully soft as well as extremely powerful.
She partecipated as one of the 33 shortlisted acts for “Unser Song 2017”. During the show, Levina performed a cover of “When we were young” by Adele. She ended up advancing to the final as the sole artist left, performing the songs “Wildfire” and “Perfect life”.
“Wildfire” was initially the public’s favourite of the two. However, it all turned around in the final round as “Perfect life” became a clear winner.
In further news, it has been revealed that Marvin Dietmann, the man who previously worked with Conchita Wurst on the exceptional staging for “Rise like a phoenix”, is to work with Germany’s Levina on the staging of her song “Perfect day”.
The music video for the track is simple but effective. In two different outfits, Levina stands between two illuminated neon triangles and sings her song.