Linkin Park have announced they are working on a new album posting a picture of frontman Chester Bennington in the studio on Instagram. The pic is accompanied by the message, “back to work this week.”
The as yet untitled album also follows guitarist Mike Shinoda’s other band Fort Minor releasing new single “Welcome”, their first release since going on hiatus in 2006.
Shinoda described the band as just “kids” writing music in their parents’ houses before the album’s recording and release. Prior to the album’s recording, Shinoda said that the band played for “every major label and most of the indies in LA” and each had rejected them. He said that this made the band “ready to fight for it” when entering the studio.
The rapper and guitarist explained how recording the album was a learning curve for frontman Bennington, who had recently joined the band and was “still green and imitating his favourite singers”.

back to work this week @chesterbe

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