5 Amazing Songs Played with The Trombone That Will Blow Your Mind

Whether or not you are a trombonist, we can probably all agree that the trombone makes one of the most glorious sounds of all musical instruments.This versatile brass instrument can be stately or lyrical depending on how you handle it, and it pretty much is the only brass instrument that can really play in tune.So [...]

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Monica top 5 songs

1. Angel of mineReleased in 1998, this cover of Eternal's top five song became Monica's third consecutive release to reach number one on the US singles chart.The music video was directed by Diane Martel (Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys) and features Tyrese as the singer's love interest. 2. Why I love you so [...]

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John Newman top 5 songs

1. Love me again Released in 2013, "Love me again" is John's first single from his debut album "Tribute". Co-written with British songwriter Steve Booker, who also co-penned Duffy's smash hit "Mercy", the track reached number one in UK, Scotland and Greece and top ten in many countries. Two version of the music [...]

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Loreen top 5 songs

1. Euphoria One of the most successful Eurovision song, "Euphoria" was co-written and produced by Peter Boström who worked with Alcazar and Eric Saade. It reached number one in half the countries in Europe including Germany, Finland, Poland and Belgium. In UK the track peaked at number three becoming the highest chart position for [...]

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Pet Shop Boys top 5 songs

1. It's a sin Released in 1987, this synth-pop song provided Pet Shop Boys their second number-one single on the UK singles chart. The music video, a dark tale of guilty and punishment featuring the seven deadly sins, was directed by Derek Jarman, who worked with The Sex Pistols, The Smiths and Bryan Ferry. [...]

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Craig David top 5 songs

1. 7 days Released in 2000, "7 days" was chose as second single from Craig David's debut studio album "Born to do it". Written by Craig himself alongside Artful Dodger Mark Hill and Darren Hill, the track is the UK's 17th best-selling song of the entire decade. 2. Fill me in [...]

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Camila Cabello top 5 songs

1. Havana Released in 2017 along with another song "OMG", "Havana" was Camila’s breakthrough solo hit. The song talks about a special romantic relationship she once had with someone in Cuba. "Havana" won several accolades including three American Awards, two MTV Europe Music Awards and a VMA for Song of the Year. [...]

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Beyoncé top 5 songs

1. Crazy in love "Crazy in love" was the first single from the singer's 2003 debut solo album "Dangerously in love". The smash hit spawned two Grammy wins for Best R&B Song and Best Rap/Sung Collaboration. The track, which sampled Chi-Lites' minor hit "Are you my woman ? (tell me so)", has an iconic [...]

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Bonnie Tyler top 5 songs

1. Total eclipse of the heart Considered to be Tyler's signature song, this timeless classic was written by Jim Steinman, who wrote all of Meat Loaf's hits, including "I'll do anything for love (But I won't do that)", "Paradise by the dashboard light" and "Two out of three ain't bad". It's taken from Bonnie's [...]

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Justin Timberlake top 5 songs

1. Cry me a river "Cry me a river" was released as the second single from Justin's debut studio album "Justified" and it surpassed "Like I love you" single in chart success. Written by Timberlake, Timbaland and Scott Storch, the track is about his breakup with Britney Spears. 2. Mirrors Released in [...]

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