French singer and songwriter M. Pokora returns with “My way”, which comes out on 21 October.
The album is a collection of Claude François’ greatest songs.
After “Cette année-là“, second single is “Belinda”, originally released in 1972 on the album “Le lundi au soleil”.
Although the lyrics and melody are the same, Matt gives his personal touch to the song.
The colourful clip see the singer in a nightclub where finds the woman of his dreams.

“My way” tracklist:

1. Belinda
2. Cette année-là
3. 17ans
4. Alexandrie Alexandra
5. Magnolias For Ever
6. Comme d’habitude
7. C’est la même chanson
8. Toi et le soleil
9. Reste
10. Soudain il ne reste qu’une chanson
11. Belles ! Belles ! Belles !
12. Je vais à Rio