A few months after his participation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, Ukrainian singer Melovin returns with a brand new single titled “That’s your role”.
The track, which was premiered live a couple of weeks ago, is an infectious pop dance song produced by the young artist himself with Anton Karskiy.
“That’s your role is a challenge to those who dictate the others some conditions and rules. This is a song about people who seek to achieve their goals, to act as they want, but not as others dictate them” Melovin told.
“It was some kind of a gamble with the lyrics, it was hard to write it, as well as the music, though we managed to do it fast” he added.
“That’s your role” will be included in Melovin’s upcoming album “Octopus”.
A music video is coming soon.


We’re not just bodies you hide
Under the groun-de
We’re not the flowers you cut
So you look lovely
You can’t just do what you want without the consequence
Never knew
never knew
never knew
I’d say hence

If they wanna take
your voice – Must take your soul
If they gonna take
your soul – Well not today
I’m not the kind of guy
who’ll handle this alone
If you wanna play –
it’s time and that’s your role

Sometimes it’s bigger than us
Sometimes it’s louder
We all have faith on our hearts
We all have power
Out thoughts are oriented towards the happiness
Never knew never knew never knew never knew never knew never knew
I’d say hence