Meredith Brooks is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist best known for her 1997 hit “Bitch”.
Born and raised in Oregon, she became fascinated with music as a child, eventually discover blues, R&B and classic rock as a teenager. She learned how to play guitar and began writing songs as a teen. She continued to play and write in her twenties, eventually signing a contract with Capitol Records and releasing her debut “Blurring the edges” in the spring of 1997.
First single “Bitch” was an immediate worldwide hit.
After this success, a subsequent single “I need” was released but it failed to chart.
In 1999 Meredith recorded her second album “Deconstruction” featuring the singles “Lay down (candles in the rain)” and “Shout”.
Three years later, she produced Jennifer Love Hewitt’s breakthrough project “Barenaked”, whose title song was one of 2002’s most memorable hits. In 2003 she co-wrote and produced for Hilary Duff’s mult-platinum album “Metamorphosis”.
In 2004, Brooks’ inspirational title track from her album “Shine” was chosen as the theme music for “Dr. Phil” from 2004-08.
Today, her latest effort “If I could be…” captures the electricity and magic of all that has happened for Meredith since 2004, with the same song writing caliber of her past releases. The difference is that this album is written for young children as well as their parents. It explores all of the wonder within the everyday events of childhood.