Nakatomi is an Australian electro-pop duo.
Their new single is “The knife”.
The video, directed by Aaron Schuppan, shares this distinctly 80’s vibe, embracing a sci-fi/Blade Runner type quality to the narrative.
“’The Knife’ is about situations gone sour and choosing to see some beauty in these experiences rather than getting caught up in the apparent disasters,” explains lead vocalist Emily Smart.”

“We had this idea to go with a sci-fi 80s vibe for this clip, so we contacted a great local film director named Aaron Schuppan and set him the challenge to create something inspired by movies such as Blade Runner,” says Smart.
“Thankfully Aaron was just as excited about this idea as we were and proposed that our film clip take the form of a movie trailer for an amazing, lost tech-noir film from the 80s, but something with genuine emotion at its core.
“Aaron threw together a crazy script, and our only thought was, if he can pull this off, this is going to be epic!”