Naomi Pilgrim is a Swedish/Barbadian r&b singer. She broke out in 2013 with her debut solo single “No gun” after years of singing backup for Lykke Li and other artists. Her debut self-titled EP, released in 2014, saw praise across the board with critics making comparisons from Sade to Lauryn Hill.
New single is the beautiful “Sink like a stone”, a track co-written with Henrik Jonzon and inspired by African-American Eric Garner’s death in New York in 2014.

Speaking on it, Naomi said: “Eric Garner died because of the colour of his skin. And despite the fact that structural racism permeates society to a point where it leads to this kind of modern-day lynching, many of us choose to ignore it. If we want to turn things around we need to fight the fear-mongering, take a good look at our history and most importantly, start listening to each other.”