Swedish singer, guitar player and dancer Nova Miller has just released the video for her new single “So good”.
The track, written by Miller with the collaboration of Lolene Everett, Karl-Oskar Gummesson, and Pontus Petersson, is a brassy and bold summer pop tune.
It’s another taste taken from her full length album due out later this year.
The music video, directed by Elin Byström, was filmed in an amusement park called Gröna Lund in Stockholm.


When I get up in the morning and I’m waking up to sunshine
(I know its gonna be a lovely day)
And I got a funny feeling that this big ol world is mine
(Everything is gonna be ok)
I aint got no money
In my pocket honey
I’m strutin down the street they stop and stare
Ohh oh oh
I’m riding on this beat
Like sneakers/gangsta on my feet
Yeah dancin this is my kind of party
Listening to the weekend
Kickin it with my friend
Wanna see a smile on somebody

I’ll make you feel like it’s Saturday night
You got your hair done fresh
And you’re looking real tight
I’ll make you feel good
Make you feel good
So good yeah
So oh oh oh oh good x3 So good so good

When your grindin on that job you got a do
That’s so beneath you
(Over workin under paid)
And you’re lovin on someone
Who underestimates your value
(No they don’t appreciate you )
Get up off the floor now turn it all around now
Trip on the base turn up the kick and snare oohh

Lights down
Hands high it feels even better when the moon is in the sky
Endless summer me you and the music
Cant this feelin last forever

I feel good I feel right
I feel Sat- Saturday night so good!