Bomfunk MC’s were a Finnish electro hip hop group best known for their hit “Freestyler”.
Formed in 1998 by DJ Gismo and B.O.W. (short for “Brothers of the Words”), the band gained success with their debut album “In stereo”.

In 2002 Bomfunk MC’s returned with their second full-lenght record called “Burnin’ sneakers”, spawning the singles “Super electric” and “Live your life”. This album gained less attention internationally, though it sold well in Finland.
In 2004, their last and third album “Reverse psychology” was released but performed less well.
Since Bomfunk MC’s breakup, DJ Gismo and B.O.W. have largely disappeared from the music industry.
Many of the band’s collaborators have dedicated themselves to other musical projects or activities or faded into obscurity. The band’s main producer and mentor JS16 is still musically active as a solo artist. His song “Carry me home” was released by Sarah Connor, Zoë Badwi and also translated for a Swedish artist. Asian artist Rainie Yang recorded his song “Lovelution” and charted #1 on the album chart in Taiwan.
In 2019 the group reunited for a series of concerts where they played two new tracks “Can’t runaway” and “Mic drop”.