Georgia chose its entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019: Oto Nemsadze with “Keep on going”.
Born as Otar Nemsadze in 1989 in Gori, a city located in the eastern part of Georgia, the singer started his musical career back in 2010 winning season five of Georgian talent show Geostar.
He also partecipated in season three of The Voice of Ukraine, finishing second. The result allowed him to release his first album “Fiqrebis Zgva” in 2013.
In 2017 he attempted to represent Georgia at Eurovision as part of the group Limbo but the project failed to qualify in the contest. Anyway, a join album, titled “Is rats darcheba” was released last year.
Eurovision entry “Keep on going” is a folk-rock track produced by Roma Giorgadze. It’s sung in Georgian despite the title in English.
The music video, directed by Giorgi Ebralidze, was filmed at Maltakva village, Enguri Bridge, Tblisi. In the clip we can see Oto walking along the beach to reach his freedom.


Sul ts’in iare
Bevri iare
Edzebe, ip’ove, iare, iare
Sadghats mgherian
Gulit mgherian
Maints mgherian

Vaarada varada, varada rada hee
Vaarada varada, varada rada hee
Dak’argul simgherebs
Khma rom miats’vdino
Mteli khmit imghere

Sul ts’in iare
Gulit iare
Am mavtulebzets gadaiare
Varados mgherian
Aats’q’vet chonguri
Chven ar davishlebit

Iare gulit da zghva gadaiare
Simgherit vushushebt ertmanets iarebs

Vaarada varada, (vaarada varada)
Vaarada varada, varada rada heee (simarada varada)
Vaarada varada, varada radaaaa

Iaare gulit da zghva gadaiaree
Simgherit vushushebt ertmanets iarebs