Repartee is a Canadian indie electro pop band.
The group consists of four members: Meg Warren (vocalist), Robbie Brett (guitar), Nick Coultas-Clarke (drums) and Josh Banfield (keyboardist).
Influenced by The Killers and Robyn, Repartee released their debut album “All lit up” on April 29. The album is the work of refined song writing, excellent production, and a collision between the landscapes of today’s pop and indie music.
Lead single is the electro pop gem “Dukes”.

Speaking of the single, the band said: “It sounds clichéd, but it was the very last song written for the album. This album has songs that came from like, five years ago, and two and three years ago, and stuff like that; Dukes was written in January [2016]. We had the album release date set, and we were like, “Let’s just do one last push and see if we can get something else to go on it.” So we had eight or nine demos, or at least sections of songs done up, and we showed our management, and Dukes really stuck out to them. We put the gears in motion and finished the song really quickly and we’re super excited about it”.