Rihanna’s much-delayed new album – her first since 2012’s “Unapologetic” – now has a title “Anti”.
While at a private viewing at Mama Gallery in Los Angeles on Wednesday, Oct. 7, RiRi unveiled her new album cover, which was created by Roy Nachum.
Rihanna said it was the favourite album cover of her career.
The cover features a picture of Rihanna as a child with a crown covering her eyes. Laid over the image is a poem by Chloe Mitchell written in Braille, whose work has previously been used by Kanye West, Anti’s executive producer.
“He see things beyond the surface which is why I decided to collaborate with him,” Rihanna said of Nachum. “He really interpreted it in his own way, with exactly the message I wanted.”
She added: “The whole idea behind the Braille is that people who have sight are sometimes the people who are blindest.”
A release date for the album – which has so far spawned three singles “FourFiveSeconds”, “American oxygen” and “Bitch better have my money” – has yet to be announced.
No new songs were played at the exhibition.