1. Angels

“Angels” is Robbie Williams’ fourth single from his debut album “Life thru a lens”. The song is considered the singer’s signature song.
Co-written by Robbie, Guy Chambers and Ray Heffernan in less than 25 minutes, the track only reached number 4 but it spent 27 weeks on the UK chart and is by far Williams’ biggest-selling song.
“Angels” was covered by many artists, including Jessica Simpson, Beverley Knight, All Angels, David Archuleta and others.
At the 2005 BRIT Awards, it was voted by the British public the best song in the past 25 years of British music.

2. Feel

Released in 2002, the song was the lead single from Robbie’s fifth studio album “Escapology”.
About the track, the British artist said: “It’s a beautiful song. Most of the vocal we used on the finished thing is from original demo. I tried to sing it again and I just couldn’t sing it as well as I did on that day. I pour my heart out.”
The music video features Williams in a cowboy-like lifestyle riding a horse through a black and white forest, and discovering Daryl Hannah, who he then embarks on a love affair with.

3. Supreme

Taken from the album “Sing when you’re winning”, the song contains an interpolation of Gloria Gaynor’s classic hit “I will survive”.
The music video is a tribute to the racer of Formula 1 Jackie Stewart.

4. She’s the one

Originally recorded by the British rock band World Party for their 1997 album “Egyptology”, it would be no exaggeration to say that Robbie has very much made the track his own.
The song won a number of awards including a BRIT Award for Single of the Year.

5. Candy

The first single from “Take the crown” provided Robbie his first UK Number 1 in eight years.
Written by Williams himself with his Take That bandmate Gary Barlow, the song samples a riff from Norwegian producer Todd Terje’s “Eurodans” which was released in 2005.
Williams said of the track: “It’s a summer song, very much in a similar vein to ‘Rock DJ’, about a girl who thinks she’s great. And she might be, but she’s a bit nefarious with her ways. Some songs take an age to write and some songs just fall out of your mouth completely formed, and you don’t have to think about it. I don’t know why that fell out of my mouth and out of my brain at that particular time – it just did”.