Norwegian electronic music duo Royksopp have just unveiled the video for their new single “Never ever” featuring Norwegian singer-songwriter Susanne Sundfør.
The psychedelic, ’70s vibed clip features cast of bizarre characters — including an old man jamming on a Gibson SG and a knock-off Daft Punk robot – who dance in and out of the fantasy.

“We have, in the past, tended to go for a bit of a somber sentiment in our videos, pristine imagery with a hint of darkness,” says Röyksopp’s Svein Berge. “But we wanted to turn that around this time, and make something raw, shabby and messy but predominantly light-hearted. At the core lies a reaction to the current paradigm of selfies & social media, where a flattering facade, overshadowing substance seems to be not only the accepted norm, but something to strive for. There are way too many artists that fuel this notion that one has to be both rich, delinquent, successful & sexy, all at the same time. We thought it refreshing to counter that and hence we’ve gone off on a different tangent for this video. It’s not completely unflattering, but it’s quite unflattering.”
“Never ever” is not Royksopp and Susanne first collaboration. They previously teamed up on the tracks “Save me” and “Running to the sea” for the album “The inevitable end”.
Following the release of “Never ever”, Röyksopp announced they were no longer interested in making full-length albums in order to cover more musical territory.