American rock band OneRepublic said that they’re about to release a new album soon and the band stated that the release could be their best work so far.
According to a source, Ryan Tedder and Drew Brown talked about the new OneRepublic album.
Brown stated in an interview that they are all excited for the release and revealed that it would be better than their last release. “We’re really excited about it, we think it’s the best thing that we’ve ever done,” Brown said.
As to what sound should be expected on the new album from One Republic, Tedder revealed that fans should expect something different but would still have the same signature One Republic sound. “In this band, we are yet to recycle the same sound once on any song that we’ve ever put out. This album is no exception,” Tedder said. “We’re just normal people. We just like to write songs t hat make people feel something and move them.”
OneRepublic is also expected to hit the road for a world tour in 2016 once they’ve released the new album.