Shane Filan has announced a Deluxe Edition of his third solo album “Love always”.
The Deluxe Edition, which is out in May, will add seven tracks to the original 12-track edition, including two new tracks, a special duet with Indonesian pop star Anggun in Lady Antebellum’s hit song “Need you now” and several other tracks live version.
New single is “Back to you”.
About it, Shane said: “Back to you is a song I am very close to. The track is about being on the road the whole time and being separated from those you love. You do it because it’s part of the job but you realise how much you miss the family”.
“We filmed a really cool video in Galway (Ireland) and my daughter Nicole is the star of it. She loves acting and I was lucky enough to give her that first break – she was a natural!” he added.
“Love always” was released in August last year and has so far peaked at number 5 in the UK.
Recently Shane’s ex bandmates are reportedly in talks to reform Westlife for an appearance on South Korean TV show “Immortal song”.
The show has a competition-style format and it features a celebrity guest musician, usually a K-pop singer, and a selection of amateur singers who sing the guest’s songs.
Westlife formed in 1998. Throughout their incredibly successful career, they released ten albums producing 14 number-one singles in the UK.


1. This I Promise You
2. Don’t Dream It’s Over
3. Make You Feel My Love
4. Beautiful In White
5. Need You Now
6. Heaven
7. Completely
8. Unbreakable
9. Eyes Don’t Lie
10. I Can’t Make You Love Me
11. Crazy Over You
12. Eternal Flame
13. Need You Know ft. Anggun
14. Back to You
15. Girl In My Heart
16. Heaven (Live In Glasgow)
17. I Can’t Make You Love Me (Live In London)
18. This I Promise You (Live In Belfast)
19. You Raise Me Up (Live In Dublin)