Angelo Bavaro Producer – The Fight (People Theatre’s strength Mix)

Italian synth pop artist Angelo Bavaro Producer and People Theatre have teamed up for a new version of the single “The Fight” and it’s awesome!!! If you’re not familiar with “The Fight”, it’s the opening track of Traces , Angelo’s debut album, released last month independently. After catching our attention back in 2013 with [...]

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Angelo Bavaro Producer releases the new song “The Fight” from debut album “Traces” – listen

Hailing from Italy, indipendent artist Angelo Bavaro Producer describes himself as "future electro pop artist came from the past". After releasing a string of hits between 2013 to 2016, the rising star has just returned with his debut album "Traces" and a brand new song titled "The Fight". The infectious track is a great [...]

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Interview: Angelo Bavaro Producer

All Around New Music had the opportunity to catch up with Angelo Bavaro Producer at Milan. We talked about everything from music, his tastes and his creative process.  Down below the video, you can find the Italian Version of the interview (Versione Italiana). We’ve adored “The More You Get”. How did it [...]

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Angelo Bavaro Producer remixes Lady Gaga

Italian music producer and remixer Angelo Bavaro Producer has just shared a remix of "Perfect illusion" by Lady Gaga. The remix gives the original tune an electronic dance touch. Especially relevant, Angelo decided to mix and master it in Milan, the place where he lives at present. It’s not the first time [...]

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Angelo Bavaro Producer – The more you get (audio)

Italian electro-pop artist Angelo Bavaro Producer has just released his new single "The more you get”. The single (available on all the main music digital platforms) contains two tracks: the original one is an electronic ballad in which it’s given much space to the voice and the synthesizer; the second one is an electro [...]

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