Transviolet – Close (audio)

While we wait for their debut album, Los Angeles-based quartet Transviolet shared another pop gem called "Close". "Here's a song you can fuck your friends to" says the group about the electro pop track. "Close" comes after the singles "Future", "LA love", "Night vision", "Bloodstream", "New bohemia" and "Girls your age". Lyrics: [...]

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Transviolet – Night vision (new video)

American pop group Transviolet have just released the video for their new single “Night vision”. The song is the fourth and final track on the band’s self-titled debut EP, released with Epic Records on September 18, 2015. Directed by frontwoman Sarah McTaggart, the video explores the dark nature of the cult world, complete with artistic [...]

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Transviolet – Bloodstream (new video)

American pop group Transviolet dropped a video for their new single "Bloodstream" taken from their eponymous EP. The track is a growing jam with a sort of unexpressed mainstream potential, sounding like a R&B-pushed version of London Grammar. It's totally addictive and describes how a love story can make you vulnerable. About "Bloodstream", band’s singer [...]

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Transviolet – New bohemia (new video)

Transviolet is a new American pop group. Their eponymous debut EP, which is out now on Epic Records, contains the track "New bohemia". About the song, band’s singer Sarah McTaggart explains: "We are equals. We are not our gender, our race, our sexual orientation. We are not our religion, our nationality, or social class. [...]

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