Craig David top 5 songs

1. 7 days Released in 2000, "7 days" was chose as second single from Craig David's debut studio album "Born to do it". Written by Craig himself alongside Artful Dodger Mark Hill and Darren Hill, the track is the UK's 17th best-selling song of the entire decade. 2. Fill me in [...]

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Maan on the moon release new single + lyric video for “Black train”

Maan On The Moon are a Paris-based dance duo comprised of two producers John Raays and Smil.They met behind the scenes of a festival and quickly became friends sharing their passion for music.Influenced by various artists including Sting, Drake and Daft Punk, John and Smil chose their name as an indirect reference to Jim Carrey's [...]

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Mylene Farmer – Insondables (new video)

French recording artist Mylène Farmer goes ahead with the promotion of her upcoming tenth studio album "Interstellaires", due out November 6th via Polydor Records. The second official single is the track "Insondables", which serves as the follow-up to the lead single "Stolen car" featuring Sting and launched on August 28th. "Insondables" was released on [...]

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Mylene Farmer & Sting – Stolen car (new video)

French singer-songwriter Mylene Farmer joins forces with Sting on "Stolen car", the lead single from 10th studio LP "Interstellaires". Produced by "Fade out lines" hitmaker The Avener, the evocative duet is a cover of The Police frontman's 2003 single "Stolen car (take me dancing)". The track recently debuted at number one in France, becoming [...]

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